Whiskies of the World in Austin 2015

whiskies of the world


Tickets are still available for Whiskies of the World. Get yours now!


World-Class Event to Feature Tastings, Educational Seminars & more than
200 Whisky Expressions from 
Around the Globe

WHO:                     Whiskies of the World, an IWSC North America event.

WHAT:                   A whisky tasting event showcasing hundreds of whiskies from around
the world while promoting whisky knowledge and appreciation.

WHERE:                Four Seasons Hotel Austin
98 San Jacinto Boulevard, Austin, TX 78701

WHEN:                  Thursday, September 17, 2015
6:00-7:00pm Bon Vivant Hour & 7:00-10:00pm General Admission

TICKETS:             On Sale Now | General Admission $120
Bon Vivant Hour an additional $85

AUSTIN, TX:  Discover The Art of Whisky Thursday, September 17 at the highly acclaimed Whiskies of the World Austin expo, an evening of education and enjoyment of all things whisky. With hundreds of whiskies to taste, whisky masterclasses and food and cigar pairings, this event will satiate the savviest connoisseur. Whiskies of the World Austin will lead whisky lovers on the ultimate journey, showcasing the most unique whiskies while providing them the opportunity to converse with the personalities that comprise the whisky world.

“We are thrilled to bring Whiskies of the World to Austin for a fourth time,” says Douglas Smith, Event Director. “With the city developing into a major destination for food and beverage connoisseurs, it is time for us to expand our Austin expo offerings. This year, in addition to the hundreds of tastings in the main experience, we will debut the Bon Vivant Hour which will feature ten to twelve “VIP” whiskies paired with a delectable food sample. We are eager to add an additional level of tasting, while continuing to serve whisky lovers in the region. ”

The Austin expo is set to showcase hundreds of the world’s finest and most unique whiskies of different styles and origins: Scotch, Irish, bourbon, Canadian, Japanese, Indian, and others. In addition to the diverse golden spirits, sought-after products of American Craft distilleries will be presented as well, to demonstrate the growing popularity of the innovative, local distilled spirits, and craft distilling in general.

Alongside the knowledgeable ambassadors pouring their whiskies, the Expo will feature educational seminars conducted by master distillers, blenders, and brand representatives. These distinguished members of the whisky community will engage guests in the process of appreciation and celebration of fine distilled spirits in an intimate setting, all while sampling whisky expressions. Whiskies of the World is an annual opportunity for Austin attendees to discover just how complex and fascinating whiskies are with their distinct flavors and aromas, as well as with distillation and maturation processes. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit www.whiskiesoftheworld.com. Follow Whiskies of the World on Facebook andTwitter.  #WOWATX

The Whiskies of the World Expo launches in Houston, TX debut on Saturday, September 19 and returns to Atlanta, GA for a third time on Friday, October 23.

About Whiskies of the World LLC: Whiskies of the World LLC, an IWSC Group North America event, began in San Francisco, CA in 1998.  Under the direction of whisky enthusiast and event director, Douglas Smith, the event has expanded into Texas and Georgia. The IWSC Group is a global leader of alcoholic beverage events, including the prestigious International Wine & Spirit Competition.  IWSC Group North America was launched in 2015 and currently includes the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, Spirits of the Americas, Spirits of Mexico and Whiskies of the World.


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