Live Oak Roggenbier

This is Kathryn from also getting the beer shot. Dang food bloggers always taking pics 🙂

I had the good fortune to sample and serve Live Oak’s summer seasonal a couple of weeks ago during MisoHungry’s Cupcake Smackdown.  Roggenbier literally translates as rye beer.  I will not pretend to even be slightly knowledgeable of brewing practices and techniques but the description I was using all day that every one seemed to agree with is, “Imagine an amber and a hefeweizen fell and love and had a beautiful baby.  Now chill the baby and drink it all summer long!”  Roggenbier is available only on tap at bars around Austin that I know of.  I have seen it at Whip In and the Draught House.  I would highly recommend getting a growler full to take home!

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