Antonelli’s Cheesy Bus Tour


Squee!!! Two of the sweetest and cutest people in the Austin food scene are John and Kendall Antonelli. They have a fantastic cheese shop in Hyde Park called Antonelli’s. I have been to several of their delicious, entertaining and informative classes which usually sell out. They just announced their first ever beer and cheese bus tour  on Saturday, October 15 at 10 AM – 4 PM. It includes stops at Pure Luck and Jester King as well as bubbly and snacks on the bus. Here are the deets with links for tix:

We are so excited to announce our first ever Cheese-y Bus Tour!.  John and Kendall Antonelli have long dreamed of a trip combining their favorite things – cheese, beer, goats, cheesemakers, brewers, and …. a designated driver! Lucky for us, both Pure Luck Farm & Dairy and Jester King Brewery are located in our own backyard in Dripping Springs, and we’re jumping on a bus, enjoying some bubbles, and headed to both. Cheese and Beer are a wonderful match, and this day will be dedicated to celebrating the craftsmens‘ way of life.  The trip will be 6 hours long and will consist of 5 different experiences. First, we’ll meet at the Cheese House; hitch a ride on a chartered bus that includes a sensory tasting, bubbles tasting (courtesy of Serendipity Wines), and cheese tasting; we’ll visit Pure Luck Farm & Dairy for a farm tour to see the goats and the cheesemaking, as well as eat their cheese; we’ll head to Jester King Brewery for artisanal sandwiches, followed by a cheese and beer pairing, and then a brewery tour; and then we’ll head home with the goal of arriving back at the Cheese House at 4pm.  Since we’ll be taking the bus, there are limited seats. 
Here is the Itinerary:
10:00am – 10:50am (55 minute bus trip) Leave the Cheese House on a chartered bus.  While on the bus, John and Kendall will lead a short sensory evaluation while you, the guest, eases into the day.  There will also be some bubbly drinks provided by Serendipity Wines, our co-sponsor of the event.  Of course, we’ll provide some cheese-y bites to get the palates warmed up.  
10:50am-12:10pm – Pure Luck Farm and Dairy:  Amelia and Ben will lead the group on a tour of the farm, introducing us to the ladies that make the amazing milk and allowing us to peer through the windows into the Cheesemake room while we all enjoy the fresh air of the farm.   In addition, they will lead us in a sampling of their amazing products.  
12:10-12:30pm – (20 minute bus drive) Drive from Pure Luck Farm and Dairy to Jester King.  This is a great time to share your favorite cheese stories and reminisce about that time we saw goats and ate amazing cheese at Pure Luck.  
12:30-1:00pm -When we arrive to Jester King Brewery, you’ll be given your cheese-y sandwich for lunch and directed to reserved picnic tables under the trees.  If guests want to purchase their own beer to enjoy through the afternoon, this is a perfect time to talk with the Jester King associates.  
1:00 pm – 1:40 pm – John and Kendall, along with a Jester King luminary, will lead a Cheese and Beer pairing. We’ll be pairing 4 cheeses and 4 Jester King beers and discussing the background of each and the intended flavor combinations in the pairings.
1:40pm-2:00pm – Having had so much cheese and beer, this is your time to relax and digest. 
2:00pm-3:00pm – Jeffrey Stuffings, founder of Jester King, will lead our group on a private brewery tour.     We certainly need to have a questions ready, so that we can all be enlightened after the experience.  
3:00pm – 4:00pm – Say goodbye.  Shed a single tear, and board the bus.  We’ll depart for the Cheese House at 3pm.  (55 minute bus trip)
A couple RSVP reminders: This event is $105 plus fees. Once you click to purchase tickets, you will only have 5 minutes to complete your order. To pay with a gift card, please contact us at or give us a call at 512-650-4394. Once purchased, tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable to other dates. You will receive a confirmation email which you should bring along with you to the event.  If you’re unable to purchase one or more tickets, that means they are sold out. Please sign up for our waitlist (once per person); we are often able to accommodate guests off this list. Lastly, remember that you can come into the Cheese Shop anytime and taste cheese for free. Our cheesemongers are here to guide you through the case and answer any questions.
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