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Addie Broyles is a food writer for the Austin American Statesman.  She is also a mother, daughter, blogger, feminist champion, chicken farmer, social media ninja, and a million other things too numerous to list. I first read Addie’s words when she was brought to the Statesman soon after Kitty Crider retired from her post at the Statesman.  Big shoes to fill indeed.  I first met Addie at a blogger’s happy hour at Opal Divine’s on South Congress that Addie organized in a continuing effort to bring together the online foodie community in Austin at a time when bloggers were seen by most traditional media as a direct threat.  Instead of  treating the online community as competition, Addie’s approach was to organize a real dialogue and  foster a personal connection that I hope she has profited from as much as we have.

Photo courtesy of the Austin American Statesman


I recently was invited to celebrate Addie’s birthday at a gorgeous spot near the pedestrian bridge on North Lamar known as Open Room Austin.  Mando Reyes from Tacojournalism grilled up some delicious tacos and brought his beautiful wife and cute as a button daughter to socialize.  Addie invited us all to this ” Pay it Forward”  dinner where the attendees where asked to enjoy the evening but instead of inviting Addie to a reciprocal event or bringing a gift, she requested we do something nice for someone else in a typically selfless act.  I have been racking my brain for my “Pay it Forward” event and I think I came up with a good idea.

Austin is suffering from a record breaking heat wave that currently has us in our 37th day of 100+ temperatures.  I seem to live right now going from my air conditioned car to a hopefully air conditioned building.  Unfortunately, there is a large need, especially among the elderly in Austin, for donations of fans to help deal with the extreme heat for those that do not have air conditioning .  Family Eldercare Austin is down to a dozen fans and in desperate need of donations to help people literally survive.

Addie’s so cool, I think we should show her our appreciation for her many contributions to the Austin foodie community by donating to this worthy cause in her name. You can bring a new fan to any fire station in Austin, San Marcos, or Georgetown through August or you can contribute online here to Family Eldercare.  You are more than welcome to donate anonymously but if you would like to add a comment documenting your gift, I would be honored to share these with Addie in an effort to show her how much we appreciate her.

Now I know Addie did not intend for our “Pay it Forward” acts to be done in her name but I am hoping my shameless use of the goodwill she generates will inspire my fellow foodies to act just like she has inspired me.  I will be dropping a fan off this weekend at the fire station closest to my house.  Hope you find the time to do the same. 

Thanks to all of you in advance!

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