Beater Blade

beaterbladeI am a cheapo.  For years I could not understand why anyone would spend $300 for a KitchenAid Mixer when you could get a handmixer at the grocery store for about $10.  Until I used one.  There is no better way to get a professionally consistant result.  The only pain was the constant scraping down of the bowl.  For everything to be properly distributed in the batter, you have to stop the mixer, lower the bowl, scrape the sides and the blade with the spatula, raise the bowl, and mix some more.

Until I found the Beater Blade.  To quote the website, “Patented BeaterBlade “wing-system” design acts like a wiper blade that continuously scrapes the sides and bottom of bowl while it mixes. Oh, and BeaterBlade is also a Spatula!” 

If you have a KitchenAid or love somebody that does, the Beater Blade is a must have!

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